Golden Gate Hotel Rooms

  • Hotel Rooms at Golden Gate Hotel
  • More rooms had to be incorporated, which is why the current hotel boasts 54 splendid rooms (20 more than the old hotel). Guests can stay in any of the rooms and experience the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding mountains and lush landscapes. 43 of the rooms are north-facing, ensuring an all year sun-basking stay.
  • Three-quarters of the rooms are fitted with showers, and the rest have baths. The new hotel is also fully compliant regarding universal accessibility for mobility challenged patrons.

Winter browns enhance the newly crafted presidential suite, with enough spaciousness that allows a comfortable retreat for either private relaxation, official meetings with dignitaries or intimate private entertainment. The bathroom is fitted with both a bath and a shower.

As for the honeymoon suite, newlyweds can rest assured that they will kick off their marriage in style. Dark chocolate and heart red garnish the room’s colours of love, with a fabulous open plan design that is nothing short of spoiling. A jacuzzi bath and shower (large enough for two) completes the room’s aura of intimacy and cosiness.


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